Tunisia is the smallest North African country. Northern half is surprisingly green with its picturesqueness and fertility. Contrary to expectations, the desert covers only the southern half. We visit it primarily for driving in the desert where we left civilization behind. An integral part of this adventure is also camping among the dunes, cooking on an open fire, a life without running water and other home comfort.

Oktober – May

10 days

We have room for up to 6 passengers in our vehicles. Only personal equipment needed.
Participation is also possible with your own vehicle (4×4 adequately prepared!). The total number of vehicles is up to three.

We board the ferry for Tunis, the capital of Tunisia in Civitavecchia or Genoa. Depending on the time of arrival in Tunisia we accommodate in hotel or proceed to Hammamet or Nabeul. On the way to the desert, where we spend 3-7 days (subject to agreement), we drive along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea towards El Jem where we can see the only Roman amphitheater on African gound. We go on through Sfax, Gabes, Matmata (Star wars scene), Chenini (troglodyte town where old Berbers withdrew the invasions of Arab peoples). By agreement sleeping in hotel dig into the hill. From there we drive to the starting point of the desert adventure Ksar Ghilane, beautiful oasis with thermal springs (relaxing bath in the open air) and palm trees. In the coming days we will be surrounded only by the sand. Sometimes there is so much of it that it is gritted between the teeth. We enjoy in complete freedom; walking along the dunes, watching the sunrise and sunset, sleeping under the open sky, hiking mountain Tembain in National Park Djebel and finish in Douz – the doors of Sahara. Most likely we spent the night there and continue next day in the direction of salt lake Chot el Gharsa. By the way make a short walk on another salt lake (Chott El Jerid) and then take a look at the scene of the Star Wars series next to Nefta . Of course, we must not overlook the three famous oasis on the edge of the Atlas Mountains; Chebika, Tamerza and Mides. Chebika offers refreshing waterfalls, Tamerza hot springs and Mides stunning views on the edge of the unique canyon. Driving a famous Rommel’s road, constructed by german general Rommel, known as the desert fox, to escape from english invasion, is almost mandatory. After descending from mountains we accommodate in the first town called Gafsa where we can visit Hammam (the famous Arab public bathrooms). From there we have two options to return back to Tunis; via Le Kef (Table de Jogurtha) or via Kairouan (the oldest mosque on African soil). If everything goes by the plan we can spend spare day driving to Cap Bon and stop in Nabeul. On departure day sightseeing in Tunis and the surrounding area and evening boarding on the ferry.