Wild would be the most appropriate word for the land on the east of Europe. Due to its size would not be fully explored even after multiple visits. Since pristine and different, is suitable for “rookies” in overlanding as preparation for more challenging travels and also interesting for experienced off-roaders who can test their driving skills and vehicles in the most difficult off-road conditions. One is sure, everyone will enjoy in its natural beauty and heritage of the area.

June – September

8 – 10 days

We have room for up to 6 passengers in our vehicles. Only personal equipment needed.
Participation is also possible with your own vehicle (4×4 adequately prepared!).

Traveling Transylvania where we visit the cultural and historical as well as natural attractions of this region. The route takes us from ancient castles to the turbulent history of archaeological sites from ancient times of Dacians. We drive trough highlands and the shepherds’ paths all the time in in the unspoiled nature on the plateaus of Southern Carpathians. It’s like going back in time. We visit beautiful places in the forgotten parts of Central Europe. Cross Country, with spartan comfort on the way and with some drop of sweat on the forehead, we come to the heart of places forgotten by civilization. While driving through endless expanses we feel that we are observed by an invisible eye of ancient monarch. Dark glory of Vlado Tepes’s (Dracula) reign, it still felt in isolated mountain trails on countless signs along the way.