Croatia is mostly known by its beautiful coastline. But it’s worth exploring the inland, too. Very interesting for overlanding is mountain range Velebit and Lika plain on its east side. On this route one can experience snow and swimming in the sea in one day. Given the diversity in all respects, no one will remain indifferent.

March – November

3 – 5 days

We have room for up to 6 passengers in our vehicles. Only personal equipment needed.
Participation is also possible with your own vehicle (4×4 adequately prepared!). The total number of vehicles is up to three.

The trip starts at the northern Velebit. We proceed to the south by western side of the mountain range. As far as it is possible we drive on the side and gravel roads, but we come to NP Paklenica on the asphalt road. We go further on across the country Vinetouja and later we take the old military roads to ascend back to the southern Velebit mountain range. We go back on the east side of mountain range and make a detour to the NP Plitvice Lakes. We enjoy the incredible views, visit some attractive vantage points, and the residue of the past all the way.